No prize money will be awarded. Prize cards only.

 1.  4 Potatoes (coloured or white)
 2.  3 Onions (from seed)
 3.  3 Onions (from sets)
 4.  6 Shallots
 5.  6 Pickling Onions or Shallots (to pass through 30mm diameter ring)
 6.  1 Green Cabbage
 7.  1 Red Cabbage
 8.  4 Red Beetroot
 9.  Marrow
10.  3 Courgettes
11.  4 Carrots (long pointed type) (See Rule 5)
12.  4 Carrots (stump rooted type) (See Rule 5)
13.  5 Tomatoes (greenhouse or outdoor) (See Rule 4)
14.  9 Cherry Tomatoes (greenhouse or outdoor) (See Rule 4)
15.  2 Cucumbers (greenhouse)
16.  3 Culinary Herbs (1 sprig of each)
17.  6 Runner Beans (See Rule 6)
18.  Longest Runner Bean (in green condition)
19.  Any other Vegetable (Consult Secretary for numbers)
20.  Tray of Vegetables (See Rule 16)
21.  1 Wackiest Vegetable

22.  Flowering Pot Plant
23.  Pot Plant for Foliage
24.  3 Stems of Roses (any variety or varieties)
25.  3 Dahlias (pom-pom or ball)
26.  3 Dahlias (other than pom-pom or ball)
27.  3 Perennial Flowers
28.  3 Spray Chrysanthemums
29.  4 Annual Asters
30.  3 Any other Flower
31.  6 Fuchsia Blooms (any variety or varieties, shown on a board)
32.  1 Fuchsia
33.  1 Cactus or Succulent
34.  Vase of Cut Flowers (9 stems, at least 3 different varieties)

(Fresh Flowers / Foliage to be used)
35.  Flower Arrangement (Pastel Shades, in any container, to view all round, not exceeding 12˝ in diameter)
36.  Flower Arrangement in an Egg Cup
37.  Fancy Buttonhole
38.  Flower Arrangement in a Tea Cup & Saucer
39.  Arrangement with Foliage only (to view from front only, not exceeding 15˝ in height or 15˝ in width)

40.  1 Large White Loaf of Bread
41.  1 Large Brown Loaf of Bread
42.  Cherry Cake
43.  Victoria Sponge (as recipe below)
44.  Ginger Cake (as recipe below)
45.  4 Pieces of Shortbread
46.  4 Fruit Scones
47.  Quiche (egg, bacon, cheese) approx. 7˝ tin
48.  1 lb. Jar Jam (any variety)
49.  1 Jar Chutney (any variety)
50.  4 Cheese Scones (Men only)

51.  Photograph: Feeding Time
52.  Photograph: Relaxing in Garden
53.  Photograph: An Insect or Bug

(7˝ Tin; no sugar on top)
3 Large Eggs .................................. 6 oz. Margarine
6 oz. Self-Raising Flour Jam Filling
6 oz. Caster Sugar

RECIPE FOR Ginger CAKE (Class 46)
(11˝ x 7˝ Baking Tin; 350°C, Gas Mark 4)
7 oz. Self-Raising Flour.............................  7 oz. Sugar
1 tsp. Ground Ginger.................................. 1 tsp. Bicarbonate of Soda
2 oz. Margarine, plus extra for greasing..... 1 Egg, beaten
2 tbsp. Golden Syrup.................................. 9 fl. oz. Hot Water

      1.  One entry only in any one class per exhibitor.
      2.  All articles of produce exhibited (except in decorative classes 37, 38, 39, 40, and 41) must be grown by the exhibitor.
      3.  Pot plants must have been in the exhibitors’ possession at least three months before the Show.
      4.  All tomatoes must have at least ½˝ of stalk beyond the knuckle. 
      5.  Approximately 2˝ of top to be left on classes specified.
      6.  Runner beans must have approximately ½˝ of stalk.
      7.  All trays, dishes, etc. required, are to be provided by the exhibitor. Flowers to be exhibited in vases provided by the Society.
      8.  All entry forms, with entry fees, to be submitted to the Secretary by the Wednesday evening prior to the Show.
      9.  All exhibits to be staged before 11.30 am on the day of the Show and must not be removed before 4.00 pm without permission.
    10.  The Committee cannot accept responsibility for staging exhibits nor ensuring their safety at any time.
    11.  The Committee shall
    appoint competent judges whose decisions shall be final and who have the power to withhold any prize if they do not consider the entry of sufficient merit. Any protest must be lodged with the Secretary, in writing, not later than 3.00 pm at the place and day of the Show.
    12. Entrance fees will be 10p per class.
    13. Trophies to be held for one year and returned on demand of the Committee.
    14.  Any exhibitor breaking these rules shall be disqualified from taking the class prize, any prize, or exhibiting at future Shows,  as the Committee may decide.
    15.  Exhibitors must be paid up members of the Society.
    16.  Class is for three vegetables chosen from the following five. Numbers in brackets – (3) potatoes; (3) tomatoes; (3) onions; (3) carrots without top foliage; (6) runner beans. The outside of the tray must not exceed 18˝×12˝ and all vegetables must be displayed within the confines of the tray.
    17.  Photographs to be unframed/unmounted. Maximum sizes 7˝×5˝.


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